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Benefits of meditation

Reduce Stress
The main benefit of meditation is to reduce stress. We're all sick and patient now. And the main cause of this disease is our weak mind. We get a little nervous. We’re broken in a little bit. We’ll feel weak. Because,our mind is not strong. Our energy continuously deceases.
Meditation releases us from all of this probles. Makes us self-conscious. Gives us energy back . If we meditate every day a little and practice it with regular basis, we will regain our strength. Then we can control our mind. We can control our thoughts also. As a result, our lives will be much happier and happier ..

Improve Mental Health
Meditation keeps our heads cool. For that reason we can make the right decision. We can use our intelligence at the right time. We can do anything with our concentrated mind. Meditation helps us to endure. As a result, we are not in the least troubled.
One of the main obstacles to improve our mental health is our needless thoughts. Endless demands makes a man a machine. Meditation helps us control who we are? And if we don't think unnecessarily, automatic our mental health will continue to improve. Our body with our mind is week and the main reason is that, our uncontrollable workload. That always causes us problems. That is why meditating improves our mental health.

Increase Self-Awareness
Meditation helps us a lot to increase our self-awareness. We always forget about ourselves. When we look at the present society, we see that everyone is busy with his own family. We do not want to help others even if we do not have the mentality of helping others. It is not our weakness, it is a form of our ego. Because we don't know ourselves. So we didn't know anyone else.
Meditation is the process by which people can know themselves. Who is he ?. Who I am? We told that this is my house, this is my car. But if there is a question, is that’s originally yours ? Because after your death your existence will be destroy. Then what will be? So who I am. So who is before death and not after death? That is why meditation teaches us how to know myself and how to use it in our daily life. Then our life will be divine life

Control Anxiety
The main cause of our anxiety is our thoughts. Thought is the main cause of our turmoil. Nowadays, none of us can be less satisfied. We want More and more. We don't know where we want to go. If our dream is not fulfilled. Then from that time our tension begins. This is the starting point of our anxiety.
So meditation benefits us a lot in this regard. If we can meditate a little every day, we can control our anxiety. And if we can control this anxiety, our life will be much better.

Increase Generosity
Another significant benefit of meditation is the increase in our generosity. Today, it is seen that humans become very selfish and they are very cruel. And in anger, they are not pursuing any event. Even if someone dies in it, they are not behind. The only reason for this is because of a passing and restless mind. The momentary and restless mind cannot take precise decisions. The restless mind cannot control itself.
Meditation enhances our generosity. As a result, we can help anyone without any hesitation. “Vivekananda used to say that the person who loves life(all animals) is the one God who serves him. That is, God is more pleased with real and demand less services. In this case our kindness is very important. Because service is a great work and kindness intimately involved with it.

Age-Related Memory Loss
Loss of memory is not only for the old age problem. In the present age this disease is seen in many children also. The only natural medicine for this disease is one and only meditation. It is possible to eliminate this disease by meditation. In ancient times, sages and monks are so powerful because of their techniques of meditation. Such power would be infinite. We're always looking something in outside. But happiness is inseparable from us. Happiness comes from inner mind. No connection with the outside. So we need to lift our minds from the outside and engage in the needs of the heart. Meditation is the only way to stay in the heart. People who have this problem of memory loss will have to practice meditation regularly. As a result, their memory will gradually begin to increase.

Sleep Improvement
Nowadays every person suffers from sleeping problem. It’s a big problem. It has become an almost common disease. Almost every human is a victim of this disease. The biggest reason for this is mobile phones. We use mobile phones during sleeping times. This results in disruption to our sleep. Meditation relieves us of this disease. Meditation changes our way of thinking. As a result, we do not have unnecessary tension. One of the biggest reasons for sleepless is thought. Meditation eliminates our mental thoughts. As a result, we do not need to worry too much. Meditation causes our brains to cool down and improves our sleep.

Calm Mind
There are many benefits to meditation. Meditation will control our mind. so our mind will calm. We do not have the courage to do anything because our inner strength is low. Today we have completely lost our inner strength . We are not encouraged to do any work for this inner strength, we cannot do any work with our uncontrolled mind. Our mind is not calm, our mind is very unstable. Nothing can be done better with this unstable mind.
The first step in doing something is the stability of the mind. The stillness of the mind extends our ability to do something. Meditation helps us to stabilize that mind. Meditation protects our mind from unnecessary reversal. The meditation awakens the energy of our hearts. When that energy in our heart is awakened, we regain energy. Then our motivation to work increases. So every man should meditate regularly.

Increase Efficiency
Meditation helps to increase our attention. Meditation are mainly dependent on attention. Because a meditation means paying attention to yourself. Now a day's we have forgotten ourselves. Meditation gives us self confidence. The meditation returns the power to our hearts, meditation concentrate our mind.
In the case of everyone who staffs those students, the meditation is extremely important. Meditation takes our attention to that point where we regain our inner strength. If we regain the energy of the heart, we can start our lives freely. We can bring new encouragement to work. So meditation it is very important for every human being.

Creativity Increases
We do not have the incentive to work in everyday life because we are weak, we are afraid to look at work. The only reason is low inner power . Meditation helps us to develop that creativity. The reason is that there is nothing new to say, attention is the one and only way to create everything. When we do something carefully, our enthusiasm is different.
As our attention spans, we try to think again. We dream for a new creation. We create a beautiful new world. Where all the work is done by the power of the heart. As a result of meditation we regain our ability to work. Our life is new. So the meditation is a must.

Leads to Happiness
We are every man in pursuit of this happiness. Everyone earns money and makes homes, cars, all for happiness. But do we find happiness outside? Can I be happy if I get a car, a home? So those who have cars and house are they really happy? Those who have billions of money would have been very happy and they can stop earning. But they want more money than the money they have. We are not happy even with so much money.
This is because happiness cannot give us anything outside. Happiness is an inward thing. External things cannot make us happy. Meditation awakens happiness in our hearts. And if we feel happy in the heart, we can keep the outside happy. If there is happiness in our hearts, there is no need for our money, home, car. We can understand that thing only when we see saints. Even they have no money, they are always happy. They live a very happy life. So meditation is a very important thing.

Problems Are Even Smaller
When we have a problem, we cannot find the solution . Finding a solution to that problem further complicates the problem. Wander around here. But that does not solve our problems. We need the strength of our hearts to solve the problem. We cannot solve any problem because we have lost that energy. I was a little unstable.
The meditation provides us that energy. We gain that power from which we can solve a problem without being disturbed. We are born in a new spirit. The problem becomes much smaller. The reason for the problem is small. If our mind is fixed, then no problem is greater, all problems become smaller. So it is important for every human to meditate

Increasing the Body's Resistance Power
Meditation increases our body's immunity power. As a result, our body's internal capacity increases. Meditation makes us self-conscious. This meditation helps us to regain our lost strength. Our body becomes weaker now because our intrinsic ability or self-power is slowly decreasing but meditation increases the power of our body, which in turn builds the immunity system of our body. Then we get full energy of our body to work. I got the courage to work. A new mindset is created. We are afraid to work because we lost that energy. Meditation creates the energy within us that energy can make our body function in new ways.

Increase Attention
Meditation helps to increase our attention. The main problem of boys and girls of this age is lack of attention. They can't concentrate on anything. It becomes a little unstable. The mind is broken shortly. Because their inner power is very low. They are suffering from mental illness from low energy. Mental illness is a terrible disease. Many of our diseases are caused by this disease. These disorders cause our blood sugar, blood pressure and many other diseases.
That meditation is the method by which we can control our mind. As a result, we do not have to worry unnecessarily. There is something we can do carefully. Meditation enhances our mental energy and inner power. With the increase of mental energy, we regain our strength. This allows all the organs in the body to function properly. And finally we can live better and healthier in life.

Blood Pressure Control
High blood pressure can cause an accident at any time. Emotional thoughts are the main cause of high blood pressure. If we worry too much, our blood pressure rises. When blood pressure rises, it can cause an accident at any time. Almost every human now has high blood pressure. Like the fantasy of every human being. we want more than what we get. And we work day and night to make that demand a reality.
The human body is like a machine. If the machine creates problem, there is a need to repair. Likewise meditation works to repair our body. The main function of rice is to control it. And when thinking is controlled, all our diseases are gone. The root cause of all diseases is poor thinking. Thinking causes high blood pressure. Meditation frees us from this disease.

Helps to Fight Addiction
The biggest problem today is addiction. There are many types of addiction. When people are intoxicated, they do not conscious for their mistakes. He cannot determine exactly what is wrong. As the days go by, his condition may deteriorate. Alcohol addiction, cigarette addiction are such a serious disease that people do not hesitate to sell their houses.
Meditation provides us with that energy where we become self-conscious. As a result, we can judge good and bad. One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that we can consider everything to be a calm mind. we can count what is good and what is bad. As a result, we are not necessarily addicted to anything. So for every human, Meditation is extremely essential.