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Purpose of yoga
The consciousness is the inner mirror. If this mirror is clean all the wisdom of the world is caught in that mirror. He is more knowledgeable and wise, whose consciousness is pure and clear. Our joy and happiness breaks for the reason of consciousness. Because we are always in unconsciousness state. Thought of external worlds breaks our consciousness. There are many different thoughts causes instability of our consciousness. So consciousness is a part of thoughts. Consciousness becomes unconscious for the reason of thoughts. And for that reason consciousness is limited by instinct. This instinct and limited consciousness breaks calm state of mind. The mind is distracted by thoughts. The stability is broken when consciousness is broken and whose consciousness breaks due to distraction which is called subtraction. If you want to practice the inward concentration again then it is called Yoga. Therefore, if we increase the subject of consciousness of thoughts, then increase our capability of yoga. But you have to take care of the agility, we need to suppress the flow of thoughts, not the consciousness. So we have to decrease the flow of thoughts, not consciousness. Because if consciousness is blocked, the heart will become dark. Then Intimacy and laziness will come which is not the purpose of yoga.

To awaken consciousness is the realization of the great nature of Yoga. Thus consciousness the main purpose of yoga and it creates the thoughtless state. But if the heart is in the name of meditation it becomes subtle or dark, it is not yoga. So calm and overcome the turmoil and that is Yoga. Therefore, we have to leave scattering and intimacy of our external world and we have to achieve more consciousness, this is the main purpose of yoga.

So we have to concentrate on our thoughts and increase our consciousness. When the highest level of consciousness breaks then creates consciousness and consciousness breaks then thoughts creates. Thus limiting our consciousness happens. Consciousness is constantly breaking due to scattering. So it is not possible to know consciousness because of scattered consciousness. In practice it has become so self-conscious that consciousness becomes a slave of thought. So, the instinct has become the nature of consciousness. For this reason the purpose of yoga is to release consciousness from the bondage of thought and the mind’s awareness of consciousness is increased if our mind is calm and quiet, if the awareness of consciousness increases then flow of thoughts decreases and then can be guided in a certain way.

Therefore, alertness or awareness is a special part of the pursuit. Only if there is no awareness, then distraction and volatility come unknowingly and consume the mind. The purpose yoga is to free the mind from invalid thoughts because we can’t control our thoughts. These are coming automatically. We can’t stop it. We can stop it due to our hard practice of yoga. If we practice regularly, then we must win the battlefield, because in the kingdom of thoughts, it is not possible to win without a war. So the war is the practice of your yoga hard and soul. Thought is so clever that every time it can turn your positive thoughts. Because, it is so truth, that there is only one guardian in a house. If there are two guardians in house then it creates a problem. In that way soul is our main guardian. But thoughts dominate our soul due to invalid thoughts. For that reason yoga is very necessary for every person.