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Kriya Yoga

All the inner work (Heart , Breath, Thought etc) that are done to gain God, That is called Kriya Yoga. The purpose of the Kriya yoga is to Awakening the kundalini energy or the subconscious state of consciousness, from Muladhar chakra to Sahashrar. In natural Kundalini is in sleeping condition. Kriya yoga raise this power to Shahasrar from Muladhara Chakra. This is called the state of God. There are five levels of consciousness. Namely, Consciousness is in the unconscious when we are in sleeping condition, consciousness is in the subconscious when we are wake up and the last state of consciousness is called “chaitanya”(ultimate state of consciousness) . Ultimately the last state of consciousness is CHAITANYA. To reach the final state there are five classes of Kriya Yoga. Such as-
1.Breathing or elementary education
2. Spine action or secondary education
3. Shatha Chakra(Six ultimate position of our body) or high school
4. Kutatha Kriya(Middle position of eyebrow) is the degree course
5. The last state of kriya yoga( is called Parabastha) is the master degree course.

Thus, Action (Kriya yoga) is an interdisciplinary learning-based science. By these techniques, Of It is through this that the passage of consciousness is seen and the disciple receives God within himself.

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To keep the body healthy and free of diseases, some external Pranayama(Breathing Technique) is performed. But to be cleansed, determined and connected to God, Spiritual Pranayama or intermittent Pranayama has to be done with the purpose of breathing, keeping in mind the journey of the discipline is totally coming from ancient Sages (Gurus). That’s why it is called Gurumukhi Learning (secret learning).
1. The first stage is to monitor the movement of the breath and a mantra is chanting with breathe (inhale and exhale).
2. At the second level of this Pranayama is Kundalini awaking , aimed at the movement of the breath, breathing in the spine, concentrate on chakras etc.

The comfort of life is called Pranayama in the true sense. We can feel our best comfort at Demand less and irritation less state. This state of condition is called the “Parabastha”(Highest state of kriya yoga) or gain of God. Mind Pranayam is much higher technique than breath Pranayam. Because of the deep connection with the breath and the mind, we have to control our mind through breath and mind. That is the purpose of Spiritual Pranayama, the main goal is to gain God. Then there are the higher pranayamas whose knowledge is totally comes from those ancient sages.

Soul comes out from our consciousness. The first two are the four levels of consciousness is unconscious and subconscious state. The next two are the state of conscious and highest conscious (chaitanya). In addiction state, the human consciousness is in particles(object oriented) and in relationship, Consciousness is then immersed in ignorance of the dark. This state of consciousness says the unconscious state. Again, the consciousness wrapped in ego with limited knowledge of myself, this state of consciousness is called the subconscious state. The first situation there is consciousness in both states, but in those two states conscious remains is in sleeping condition. At that time the ego and addiction remains highest state of our mind, that we cannot understand unconscious and subconscious state of our consciousness. When consciousness awakens, the practitioner first understands those situations. Then his consciousness reaches a higher level- this is called conscious state of consciousness. And the practitioner (disciple) in this conscious state the longer the heart holds, the more the state of consciousness increases and the state of consciousness is awakened. In the practice of non-continuous pursuit the state of conscious and consciousness is attained. The consciousness and the highest level of consciousness are achieved. That is the goal of every disciple. When consciousness gains, it feels constant in the inner heart stay awake. In this way a practitioner gains the ultimate state of mind. Then he uses life with that state. This situation of that person is called life-free state or highest state of KriyaYoga (Parabastha).

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After learning about the different levels of consciousness, knowledge about the seat (Asanas) and their actions have to do. Asanas are needed for the body to settle down. Externally there are several sections of Asanas. The first is the land seat. Sitting on the ground a seat is needed for this. Blanket or Kushason(a silky mat) on the ground, the body has to sit on it to get it. It is necessary that which power is generated in body at the time of meditation, this blankets or Kushason, resist that power from the gravitational force of the earth and is not transferred into earth. Just sitting on the floor gravitational force can absorb this power. That's why the blankets or Kushason is necessary. Then in the second level, sit facing the special direction, the purpose is to collect the flow of power in that direction. That is why it is helpful to sit in a special direction. The third level is the special posture, called yoga+asanas(Yogasana). When the Yogasana is done, the flow of the energy into the body is done properly. However, the main purpose of putting the body in the seat is to bring the mind into the special center of the heart. In Padmasana, Siddhasana and Bajrasana can help in the pursuit of meditation helps in the pursuit of improvement. Although it is difficult to settle into Yogasana in the first state, the order is made in hard practice. This way the three conditions in the physical seat are particularly important.

The next act of asana is the awakening of the Kundalini in the stillness of meditation. Whether the disciple understands or not, the Kundalini wakes up only if it is fixed in meditation, the mind becomes connected with the meditation center. Only when the mind is fixed or connected in the upper center of the mind you should realize that Kundalini is awake. It (Kundalini) is asleep without being connected.

After meditating, Kundalini energy does not fall asleep or the mind never goes down, always we have to keep the mind attached to the higher state of mind. The awakening of consciousness is called as Kundalini awakening. Forgetting the consciousness is called the sleeping state of Kundalini. After meditation if we forget our meditative consciousness then kundalini goes down. So always we have to concentrate on the highest state of concentration and it is continued with hard practice. If you forget your consciousness unknowingly, the external world of ego-addiction will merge itself. For that reason, as much as the kundalini or consciousness awakens during meditation, it is lost again when we attached in the external world, goes Life remains as it was. But staying alert in the upper state of mind, the awakening of the Kundalini or consciousness persists and accompanies and life circle of disciple has changed. The purpose of the awakening of Kundalini is to awaken consciousness. Because the awakening of consciousness is called the Parabastha(Highest state of Kriya Yoga). The purpose of the Kriya Yoga is to gain God. So without practicing kriya yoga before, we must first know what is God? What is the nature of God? God is everful joy(always conscious with joy and happiness). The joy that is always received is God, and disciples feels god within himself. The existence of God is that joyful consciousness. Therefore, those who are Kriya Yogi always feel joy by maintaining that conscious entity within themselves through various techniques. This is the main purpose of the Kriya yoga.