Place of meditation

Yoga builds people's lives. Improve people's lives. All the needs come from thought and the best achievement in life is the attainment of God. No matter what we do, we keep witnessing to God, scientists are experimenting with them, worshiping God, doctors are treating people, they are also worshiping, and there is no work on earth that is done without knowing God or worshiping God. So God is one and only true and the best in the whole world. In ordinary people have such a job, Car, house, some property and money etc. If someone demands such more, then they need god. So the best of life is to feel Gods realization. Because if he doesn't, our lives are in vain. Yogatake our lives to God, our needs end in thought.

yoga image

That's why we need the right environment for Yoga. Quiet environmentally friendly, pollution-free environment is good for Yoga. There should be no closed air. Of course there should be no noise. Quiet, Noise-free air is perfect for yoga in the open area. Seeing all those places has an impact on the mind. A spiritual feeling is awakened. Because everything depends on our mind. We do what the mind does to us. So we need this beautiful weather just to keep our mind good. In the weather, our mind is excited. Only then our mind starts to concentrate. Therefore, we must adopt all these methods only if there is a suitable place for Yoga. If we adopt this method in a noisy environment, our mind will not sit at all. The mind will revolve around it all the time.

Everyday practice of yoga can give you a better life and it can feel you a true realization of god. It is not only a religious view, from the scientific view it has an endless depth.