Types of meditation

Focusing On a Point
There are many ways of Meditation. The main condition of Meditation is to concentrate our mind. Meditation means meditating on oneself. It is important to meditate on ourselves because we have forgotten ourselves. If we know ourselves then there is no need to meditate. One of the main reasons for meditation is to spend some time with myself. Every day we are so much busy with our work that we don't have time to spend with ourselves. Meditation teaches us that technique. We spend time with ourselves through meditation. So meditation means getting yourself back.
focusing point image

In that case, if we can concentrate our mind on a point, If we put our mind on a point. If we look at a point, our attention increases. If this procedure can be done daily then our attention is gradually increasing. Because concentrating on a point means focusing on yourself. Concentration of mind means removing thoughts. If mind is fully concentrated, then we can control thought .The first goal of meditation is to move thought. So where there is no thought, you can be with yourself. And if we can spend more time with ourselves, the more inner power will be enlightened.

Focusing On Forehead
Another way to meditate is to look in the middle of the forehead. If we close our eyes and look intently at the middle of the two eyebrows, we get a lot of attention. But it is subject to hard practices. There are many types of difficulties when you first do it. Firstly, you can feel headache, Pain in the eye, Can't look for long time. But if we continue to practice this habit regularly over time, our attention is greatly enhanced. Because this is very ancient technique to meditate and in this process is very much effective.
focus on forehead

Everything we do is habitual. We cannot grow up in one day. How much suffering we are,to grow up a little bit. Likewise, if we practice meditation only a little bit every day, the energy in our hearts will increase. If we can do this procedure twice a day for 10 minutes, then we will understand the results ourselves. We will not be angry, We can control ourselves, we can set our mind on any task completely. We can concentrate our mind at any time. If we did not succeed before meditating, after meditating we will certainly succeed in that task. And this is where meditation is needed.

Focusing on main parts of body
There are such places of our body if we concentrate our mind on that places , our energy is awakened. This is called Kundalini Awakening. Kundalini awakening is nothing more,a process by which the speed of energy ascending. Because of our low power, that power is on sleeping condition on MULADHAR. The main functioning of KUNDALINI AWAKENING is to activate our 7 chakras. The starting point of energy is MULADHARA and the ending point of energy is SHAHASRA CHAKRA. And here concentration is one and only thing. If we can focus fully on those areas of the body, we will rise from one energy field to another energy field, and we can finally reach the SHAHASRA Chakra.
focus on chakra

The field where our energy is asleep is called the BASE CHAKRA(Muladhar chakra). If we try to concentrate from here, our mind will be concentrated and its next energy field will autometically come out. You can concentrate on those points indicated in this image. Then, our strength will gradually be set in order to rise from the bottom to the top. It is extremely habitual. As a result of long practice, the energy fields are awakened. And this is only possible through practice of meditation. Therefore, it is very important for us to meditate regularly.

Focusing on a point of light
The main purpose of Meditation is to increase our Mind’s Concentration. One of those is this method. If we can look at the point of a small light at a glance, our focus will increase. Looking at a glance means keeping that point with our full strength and we will continue to gain our energy. That means minds concentration. Then a time will arise when there will be no point , and our mind will not move from that point. As a result of this meditation, the power of our vision is much more intense. As a result of this focus, our ability to subdue people increases. Whose other name might be called Hypnotize. Another name for this is TRATAK VIDYA. It's a very ancient method. Success can be achieved with this method by long habits. It is also a part of Meditation. If we do this method with respect and devotion by rules, then one day success will come. The power of our hearts will awaken. If we concentrate with this method our will power increases.
focus light point

Focusing on your breath
For those who are on the path of God, this method brings incredible results. Because in the Hindu religion, almost all the yogi superpowers have met God by using this method. This is a very ancient method. If you practice this method regularly your mind is in control of yourself. Our everything is related to mind, so we have to think there is someone, who belongs upper state of mind. We should think who is our thought creator? Why we are alive, who is there, before death and not after death? For which our laughter and tears can feel happiness and sorrow. So we must know him. The spirit that holds our whole body. Without soul, we would never exist. We need to know first. If we use our life to know Him, then our life becomes very beautiful and sincere.
focus your breath

It is a method by which we can control the mind. Meditation means to control our mind. That’s why there are such methods of meditation. If we can always immerse ourselves in our own breath, our mind will no longer think otherwise. The normal thing in our mind is to think. So when we have no work, the mind thinks automatically and that has no limit. So to bring the mind under control, you have to do some work for mind. This is called KRIYA YOGA in the spiritual language. That is, the action of the mind inside. If we concentrate our breath, we are always in that process. If it is difficult to hold the breath, then a mantra has to be covered with the breath. Then the mind does not revolve around because it has received its action. This is also a great way to make a concentration. We can achieve success in this way as a result of long days and hard habits. So the meditation is a very important thing in our overall direction. So we should meditate regularly.

Focusing on mantras
This method of meditation helps to lead the way of simplicity since the most complex of our lives. Drives the weighty path of our lives. Our body energy such as food. Not eating food does not generate such body strength. As like as mind’s food is thought. Whether we create thoughts or not, the mind creates thoughts as its own demand, sometimes that thoughts has no purpose. We have to keep going through unreasonable thoughts. As a result, our energy is wasted. We do not make any effort to increase our energy, but if we lose our energy by thinking unnecessarily it causes harm to us, so we should be free from unnecessary worry.
focus on mantra

If we are constantly chanting a mantra in our mind, then we are free from worry. The act of the mind is to think. So take the mind to the point where we do not have any energy loss, but our energy is obtained. If we constantly chant the mantra in our mind, our mind gradually becomes calm. As a result, we can dominate our mind. Then our mind does not wander more and more. This method of meditation is a highly effective method. By using this method many achievements have been achieved. One of the greatest ways to silence the mind is either to focus on the mind or give some action mind with some other method. It is also an ancient method. Today, there is no evaluation of all these methods as people have gone extinct. People's success is achieved through long days of devotion and practice. If we continue to practice success without chasing success, then of course our success will come.

Focus on jops
Jops equipment is a valuable thing. The machine is made by sewing one hundred and eight rudraksha together. The main purpose of the device is to silence the mind. One mantras that helps this machine run. Once a mantra is completed, a rudraksha is lowered down with the help of a finger. In this way, the same procedure is practiced for a long time, even after doing 108 consecutive rounds. As a result of running mantras in the mind. Our mind does not think of anything else. Because of not thinking of anything else, the mind is slowly gaining control of us. This device cannot be taken manually. A guru entrusts this device with a mantra on the hands of his disciple. With the mantra if we can devote ourselves to its jops, we can become the master of our mind. Because we are all slaves to our mind. The mind is the guru to us. But what should it be? We should control our mind. Here meditation is necessary. The main purpose of meditation is to bring the mind under control. We do not know God. The only reason is, we are always with our unstable mind. When we can rise above this mind we will meet God. This is an ancient method. Success in this method can be achieved through long days of devotion and hard practice.

All of the methods discussed above. All of these methods are ancient methods. In ancient times, the sages, yogis understood that those who we are seeing, who are eating, by which ears can hear, by which they feel smell, by which we are living, who lives before death and who remain after death. We need to know first. And the biggest obstacle to knowing this is our thoughts, our thoughts, our pride, our addictions, so if we can get over this problem then we will feel the presence of God. So all these methods were created by them. They were always with their mind. The meditation was a must of them. So if we follow this method created with devotion and hard practice, then our success will come. If you adopt this method, you will certainly be able to rise above the mind. Thought-less state is such a level that when we rise, we see the bottom. For example, on the roof, we see everything below the roof. If we can do so at that level, then we can see from that level the thoughts of our ego addiction etc. God requires a lot of grace for this. God bless everyone.
Hari Om Tat Sat