What is Meditation

Concentration of mind on a subject, is the name of meditation. By concentrating on one thing, the mind can concentrate on any matter.

Meditation is the power that gives us the ability to resist. The unrestrained and unconscious mind constantly takes us from the lower to the lower levels and will destroy and destroy us in the dark and the Restrained and Controlled mind will protect us and eventually Release us, so the disobedient mind must be compelled and restrained.

Many of us have made up our minds like a child. we gives randomly what he wants. For this reason, the practice of KRIYA YOGA is always necessary, so that our mind can be subordinated to itself.This lack of restraint leads to the disruption of yoga and the difficulty arises. Thereby the way to overcome these is to subdue the mind through action, not to allow the mind to function.

chakra image

The soul, the real entity of man, resides in the deepest state of mind. Introduce the mind, and can take the mind Inward, connect it with the soul, notice the rotations and relations from that point of view in the stable state. It is seen in almost all human beings that all information or events are only perceptible to those who can enter the deepest state of meditation.

All religions have given special emphasis to meditation, Yogi's says that meditation is the highest state of mind. When the mind is engaged in practicing the external object, it unites with the object and loses himself.

Meditation means trying to re-think the mind in one place. Then the mind stops all thought waves and then the world does not. The scope of knowledge is expanding. Each time your energy will be increased through meditation, work a little more hard - Meditation will go from deep to deep.Then your body will not feel anything else. Thus, after an hour of meditation, returning to the outward state, you will feel that you have enjoyed the most beautiful peace in your life.

Meditation is the only way to put your body to rest. This kind of rest is not found even in the deepest sleep. Because in the deepest sleep Our mind does not keep quiet, the mind turns here and there . But these few minutes of meditation, your brain's action almost stops. Only a little vitality. Then there is no body knowledge. There will be so much joy in meditation that you will feel extremely light. In meditation we get such a complete rest.