What is Yoga ?

What is Yoga ?

The meaning of the Yoga is to be connected. That is, whatever we do in life, we associate it with the situation when we go to work, to study, to marriage etc. This connection is called yoga.

So the word yoga in the spiritual sense means to be connected with God. In which way we are connecting with god, that is called yoga.

From this context, it is coming that who is God? Who am I? Is my name my identity? If the name was my identity, we would not have identified my body as a dead body (or corpse) after death, or never had we left it from us or from our house without burial or burial after death. But who is he before death, who does not exist after death? When it gone, we introduce our body as a corpse.

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Who am I ?

Sages, Saints have lived in search of myself since ancient times. Eventually they succeeded, and then they deeply immersed themselves in the search for God. Finally, when it comes to success, then they told that the human body is the image of a living God. Human body has that amount of power, that amount of quality which amount of quality and power god has. But do we think we are a form of god? However, if you obey or follow those paths, you can move forward in the path of God or gain intimacy or feel or realize him (God). Just as, there is a loud sound outside, we do not hear any sound inside our house. So we do not understand or try to understand our own position for endless thoughts within us. So we need to search ourselves as well as we need to search god.