Why meditate ?

The power of meditation can give us everything. If you want to dominate nature, this is only possible in the practice of meditation. Nowadays, all the discoveries of science are made possible through meditation.

In order to subdue the mind, it has to penetrate deep to its conscious level; the thoughts and reforms that have accumulated there must be adjusted and moderated. This is the first purpose of meditation.

Everyone wants to be happy in life No one wants to be miserable, but most of the time in life everyone has to suffer. This is because of lack of knowledge in life. Happiness is within me when I am blessed. I also want happiness.

focus forehead

Thus, although all matter is intrinsic, the distraction of the mind is bound to know everything because of fickleness and ignorance. Therefore, it is necessary to exert happiness only to exalt happiness, but the main purpose is to keep the vibrations of happiness in the heart.

So after the concept of meditation, that is to hold the silence. The source of happiness is the heart, the enjoyment of the heart, the outward connection only to incite him. That can be taken as an incitement to external matters. But because our mind is distracted, it takes the source of happiness and disappears into the environment in search of happiness.