Kriya Yoga

Yoga by Meditation
As a preparation phase of meditation , it is necessary to talk about the seat first. Because, if the outer seat is not fitted then the inner seat is not fit. You should have a seat on the ground to get a Blanket or Kushason(a silky mat). There are two objectives to seat on Blanket or Kushason(a silky mat) on the earth-
1. Blanket or Kushason resist gravitational force. Because, without the Blanket or Kushason, if you seat on the land (floor) then, the spiritual power from meditation directly goes to the earth. Therefore, the energy of the body is protected. For that reason Blanket or Kushason is very necessary. Such as wood, plastic resist electricity, as well as the blanket and the Kushason, are electrical resistors.
2. In that seat (Kushason or blanket) you are sitting in from meditation every morning, in that seat(Kushason or blanket) spiritual heat and atomic entities are stored. As a result, that energy of that seat is restored to help while sitting in from meditation next time. That's why it is necessary to maintain different seat for different person and no one should not allow sitting on their personal seat (Kushason or blanket). The seat where you want to meditate that should be environmentally friendly. In the field of mind, the environment becomes obstructed.

Our body is gross and the mind is fine. Therefore to capture the subtle mind, in the initial state, the body needs to be stable. Such as water moves when glass is shacked. In the same way, as those whose mind in initial states or weak, their mind is distracted or broken when their body and senses moves. Such as when the body lies down the laziness awakens in him and the laziness pulls him to sleep. Likewise, mind distracts, when body and senses are moved. That's why; we should leave our laziness from ourselves and remain fixed with us. It is not possible to sleep when we are walking or standing in that way if our body is kept active during chanting, from meditation does not concentrate. Chanting on walking and standing is to maintain the flow of concentration. But for the strongest trend there is a need for stability. The main purpose of from meditation or chanting is to increase the stability of stillness. The main purpose of from meditation is to increase the stability. So you have to practice sitting at certain times. Think, there are several levels of meditation to be practiced. Namely –
1. By fixing the body, the mind is fixed and
2. The spirit is fixed by the mind.
That is the practice of transcending the order of from meditation. The duty of practitioner is to maintain the rules properly. Otherwise meditation cannot be fulfilled. Because meditate and meditation are not the same situation. In order to meditate properly, meditation is achieved. To gain god like this way is called grace. So, from meditation without prescribed approaches is not occupied. And to some extent, addiction or agility are two leakages again destroy our consciousness. Therefore in the case of the practitioner, there should be no neglect from their destination. If meditation is over means peak position of meditation then matter is different. Then the percentage of stability is so high that it does not move with slight agility. That is why when self-control is activated then our mind is under control then body movement does not generate any problem. We are starter but our condition is like master holders, that is why we restrain our progress. Dispersion increases if the cost is higher than the deposit. So moving on, meditating on the return is an extra task, therefore specific timely actions must be maintained.

If our senses and activities are active during from meditation, then the accumulated power of from meditation and chanting is consumed by those playful senses. The main purpose of meditation is to increase consciousness of our mind. When mind is steady, Soul-manifestation occurs in the heart. So a cover is created by agility when from meditation starts. If self-control is achieved then agility cannot do anything. At that point, the state of mind is awake. As long as if this awakened state is not achieved, then caution is needed for practitioner. There are several conditions for from meditation, namely:
1. External seat to occupy the stability of the body,
2. Occupy the stability of the mind we need to change our life style.
We have to leaves our external contact then stability of the mind will increase. We can control ourselves with hard practice and we can archive the highest state of mind. During the meditation the senses (eyes, ears, nose) have to flow inward. If the concentration is not centered (inward), the mind becomes distracted and agitated. So we need stability of our body, so that our senses will be stable. The eyes will connect to visualize the inner parts of body, so the ears will wants to hear that centered inward vibration. In this way, if the senses are involved in the action of the from heart Meditation becomes much easier. Because, the senses want to go external world and for those reason mind will be distracted. That is why one is connected to the other. As long as the mind slaves of the senses, as long as mind is controlled by senses, certain practices must be followed. There are more reasons why from meditation is not right. All day we are so busy with our work, so that our mind is distracted every time and when we meditated then our subconscious mind will open and those thoughts are coming at the time of from meditation. That is why meditation is not only a fixed amount of time, every day of life, every moment of life we should conscious and to keep our movement in the direction of from meditation. Otherwise, external communication and extra effort creates a problem to the meditator and distracts their mind. Meditator should control their foods also, because, we do not eat only by mouth. With eyes we take the form, we take the words with the ears; we take the air with the nose. This is why we eat with our all senses. So that, there are a relationship between the external world and meditation. Nothing is extra good, so that extra envy also is not good. It is better for meditator to be restrained in all matters. Regularity is the duty of meditation. You have to keep in mind every movement of life becomes favorable or unfavorable. So, for the meditator should be conscious about food, relationship, sleep and external communication and need to be controlled. These are the main external conditions for meditation.

Now the technique of meditation is being explaned. By keeping the body is relaxed and immobile, we have to concentrate our focus to a idol or middle point of nose or the eye should be concentrated in the specific center of the forehead. Because if vision(Attention) distracts then meditation becomes unsteady. Hence the vision of meditator will remain in a stable state. After stability of body and eyes in the center then mind has to be connected there. One thing is to be noted that the concentration of sight is lost when the mind is unstable. Again when the vision is lost, the minds concentration breaks down. Therefore, inner concentration is must for meditation. The mind remains fixed only when the vision is clear. Thus the vision of the mind or even if the mind is connected to the vision, meditation becomes easier. If the mind is fixed a bright light is observed in meditation, and we can feel joy and happiness in our mind. This is the goal of meditation is to achieve this joy and happiness. This joy and happiness is the realization of eternal truth of God. That is the consciousness of highest state of conscious. The happiness of the ignorant person is external on the subject (particle), but the happiness of meditator is in meditation.

The main task of meditator is to protect the inner-kingdom. The peace of inner-kingdom will decrease when outer state (outer kingdom or external world) increase. To meditator the inner state is its homeland and the external state(external world) is foreign. The present environment and conditions are terribly hostile to meditator. So meditator always be aware from this situation and awaken consciousness always. In which duty creates a problem to meditator for meditation that should be neglected and meditator should avoid the situation tactically. Practitioner lifestyle should not be mixed with the ordinary people. A person without meditation there is no fear of falling because he has fallen every time. But meditator has fear to fall, so he has to be the concious in all situations. Love is created from relationship, addiction is created from love, ego is created from addiction and lastly ego distracts us always. Therefore, meditator should be aware of from relationships and thoughts. Behind the determination of the mind we have to use intelligence. Thoughts of mind about the external world are sheltered when we spend unconscious life, so we have to conscious every time, because the nature of the mind is to create thoughts and mind always wants to go external world. So the intellect must be kept neutral. When mind reaches stable state or thoughtless state then the work of intelligence is finished. Then consciousness will be awakening always. So that meditator should be strict about his meditation and should be avoid other situation. The main destination of meditator is to gain thoughtless state or stable state. When meditator reaches this state then he easily spent his life smoothly with the bless of GOD.